A breath away from everyday life

Kardamyla. A place full of history and surprises, great beaches and place to stroll.

In this place, wanting to share with you the great love for nature and its products, created deliberately, with great love for tradition, passion and responsibility to function in the hospitality the "Mary's Farm".

Restaurant with authentic traditional recipes that will liven up your memory, the kitchen of her grandmother.

Cooked in the oven, homemade appetizers, meats, seafood, homemade desserts and ice cream, fresh fruit juices, lemonade, mantarinada, cherry, all made by us with products from the Farm.

Swimming pool with lawn, a challenge for all ages. Comfortable places to enjoy coffee, dessert or drink, relaxing in a green environment, overlooking the pool and manganogyro, listening to your favorite music.

The choice is yours.

  • Escape...

    Think a little escape from everyday life. Combine all this with your stay in our guesthouse.

    Feel guests, not customers !!!!

    All that you can enjoy taking advantage of our great offer ......

    Accommodation with breakfast and lunch ONLY with 30 € per person.